Success Story: endocon GmbH

Video inspection of Quick-Tech I-60U (2017): Petr Strýček – Area Manager Gindumac (top), Klaus Notarbartolo – Managing Director endocon GmbH (left), Philipp Gubisch – Account Manager DACH (right). 

Project: Quick-Tech I-60U (2017), Used Lathe

Machine Specs: 

Logistics: Delivered At Place (DAP) from Czech Republic to Germany

Customer: endocon GmbH

endocon is an innovative company whose goal is to provide patients and orthopaedic surgeons with pioneering arthroplasty products and their associated instruments. Their products contribute to increasing patient safety and improving the predictability of surgical operations.

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Project Description: In January 2021 GINDUMAC sucessfully delivered the used lathe, Quick-Tech I-60 U, YOM 2017 to the German company endocon GmbH. The i-60 Ultimate series from Taiwanese manufacturer Quick-TECH Machinery Co. stands out for simultaneous and efficient machining . The machine had been used before by a Czech manufacturer who had commissioned GINDUMAC to market his machine. Due to COVID restrictions there was no option for endocon to visit the machine at its location in Czech Republic. GINDUMAC organized a virtual inspection in which the machine was presented under production. Thus, technical questions could be clarified directly and endocon could get a live impression of the machine condition. After the successful inspection endocon decided to purchase the machine. In this connection GINDUMAC offered a full logistics service including dismantling, loading and transport from Czech Republic to Germany.

“Shortly before the turn of the year, I came across a top offer for a machining center, a call to Gindumac and their employees went full steam ahead despite the lockdown and Christmas period. Within a few negotiating steps, we reach an agreement and the “on-site” machine inspection with demonstration is scheduled… Thanks to the Corona-related closure of the borders, we come to a standstill and Gindumac follows suit. At short notice, a “virtual machine inspection and acceptance” is organized and successfully carried out via web conference. Gindumac organizes the machine delivery which takes place within a few days with a professional team. I think this professionalism and service is hard to beat! At this point my special thanks go to Mr. Gubisch and the Gindumac team.”


Klaus Notarbartolo
Managing Director, endocon GmbH 



Machine delivered at endocon GmbH

Preparation for unloading

Unloading by crane

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