SteelFab 2022: Alghad TV features GINDUMAC

From January 10th to 13th, 2022 we have been exhibiting at SteelFab 2022 in Sharjah, UAE. Together with our local partner MAPTEC we met many new customers from the Middle Eastern sheet metal processing and metalworking industries.

Talking to many CEOs and engineers we can state that the Middle East region is on an exciting growth path, both in terms of production quality and volume. A promising starting point for our initiative to extend our local footprint. With MAPTEC we establish a new connection to the local community of manufacturers and can offer our quality used machinery portfolio with full transaction service according to local manufacturing needs. In addition, we got access to purchasing projects helping manufacturers by trading-in their machines in use to make room for new investments.

Our presence at SteelFab 2022 has been featured by Alghad TV. Thanks to the filming team for the opportunity to speak in front of the camera. See here the full video. Our Business Development & Sales Manager MENA, Ahmed Mody, speaks at 0:55. Below you can see the English translation of his statement.

“In fact, despite the corona pandemic and its influence on the global economy, We do believe that the EXPO was useful, we usually work remotely from Europe with Middle East, the EXPO helped us to meet up with many of our suppliers and customers which leads to more mutual understanding to the industry needs in ME, as well in the EXPO we met different industry startups from the UAE and the Arabic world who needs to find good machines for good prices which we could offer.”


Ahmed Mody
Business Development & Sales Manager MENA – GINDUMAC 



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