Short-term liquidity through the sale of machinery: support in the event of insolvency and restructuring

When manufacturing companies become insolvent or are forced to restructure, a machine sale can create important new liquidity.

German mechanical and plant engineering is an industrial sector heavily affected by insolvencies. Current supply bottlenecks, rising raw material and energy prices as well as industrial structural change present manufacturing companies with major economic challenges in many cases.

In the event of insolvency or restructuring measures, insolvency administrators and managing directors are faced with the need to rethink production planning and optimize machinery. An important factor in this phase is maximizing the value of production capacities. The used machinery expert GINDUMAC supports in achieving short-term liquidity from the sale of machinery in line with market conditions.

From market value appraisal and project management to direct purchase, payment and logistics processing: GINDUMAC offers the necessary support for managing directors, asset managers and insolvency administrators when it comes to the individual sale of machines, plant closures, partial closures, relocations, restructurings, liquidations and insolvencies.

The focus here is on metal, sheet metal and plastics processing machinery. Project-related, GINDUMAC also evaluates and purchases, in addition to used machines, complete plants, production facilities, machinery, tools and equipment as well as movable fixed assets as a total solution to maximize the value of recovery projects from a single source.


1. Market value appraisal of used machinery


The used machinery market is characterized by very dynamic supply and demand cycles. An important question when selling a machine is what value can still be achieved for a used machine on the market. GINDUMAC has developed a market-related valuation concept for this purpose. To determine the market value on a daily basis, GINDUMAC essentially considers the following value dimensions: Machine type, machine equipment, machine condition, market situation and depreciation value. GINDUMAC uses proprietary data technology to record the market situation. The so-called Market Intelligence System, MIS for short, maps supply, demand and price developments to machine models. This ensures that market values of used machines can be estimated and evaluated on a real market level. This is a decisive factor in knowing what machines are really still worth.

For manufacturers, asset managers and insolvency administrators, GINDUMAC offers comprehensive project management upon request, starting with a free and non-binding expert assessment of the machinery.


2. Planning security through direct purchase


An initial audit is carried out during an on-site visit. Subsequently, GINDUMAC derives utilization options and determines market values for the (machine) assets intended for sale. The responsible parties receive a project plan and a concrete offer for direct purchase with collection dates. This provides planning security and clarity for liquidity planning.


3. Professional logistics and payment processing


Machinery assets are dismantled, deployed and transported away on schedule at secured collection dates. For this purpose, GINDUMAC GmbH’s in-house logistics team has a broad network of logistics partners to ensure professional handling on site. Project financing and payment flows are secured by a purchasing company at the start of the project and handled centrally by GINDUMAC.

Are you a managing director of a manufacturing company, an asset manager or an insolvency administrator and are concerned with recovery  options for machinery?

Contact GINDUMAC for a free and non-binding initial assessment.

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