Customer Story: Dommermuth Formenbau GmbH

From Baden to Rhineland-Palatinate : The vertical machining center, POSmill H 500 U (2020) will remain in the mold making industry in Germany. (Source: GINDUMAC)

Project: POSmill H 500 U (2020), used vertical machining center


Logistics: ExWorks (EXW)

Customers: Dommermuth Formenbau GmbH (Buyer),
FWS Stedry GmbH (Seller)

Dommermuth Formenbau GmbH positions itself as a mold maker for special molds and offers CAD design, model making, milling and small series production. The company from Erfweiler has a long family tradition in shoe model making and has successfully developed into a special mold supplier.

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Project Description: FWS Stedry GmbH had decided to discontinue its mold making operation at the end of 2021. Through the marketing network of GINDUMAC GmbH, a new production site for the POSmill H 500 U vertical machining center (2020) was found with Dommermuth Formenbau GmbH.


The vertical machining center, POSmill H 500 U (2020) still in use at Stedry GmbH in Bühl. (Source: GINDUMAC)

Always excellently maintained and serviced. Insight into the work area of the POSmill H 500 U (2020). (Source: GINDUMAC)

“Very good advice support
– reliable partner!”



Andreas Stedry
CEO, FWS Stedry GmbH



“We were very satisfied with the purchase of an almost new POSmill H500 by GINDUMAC GmbH. Inspection, purchase transaction, etc. everything went flawlessly. Super service.”


Jörg Dommermuth
CEO, Dommermuth Formenbau GmbH

The POSmill H 500 U vertical machining center (2020) arrives safely in Erfweiler at Dommermuth Formenbau GmbH (Source: Dommermuth)

Unloading of the POSmill H 500 U (2020) on site in Erfweiler at Dommermuth Formenbau GmbH. (Source: Dommermuth)

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