Kaiserslautern – 01/31/2018

METAV 2018 – GINDUMAC: The easy way to sell and by used machine tools

GINDUMAC presents the future of used machinery trading at METAV 2018

In Hall 16, Booth G109, GINDUMAC shows how fair, transparent and economical it can be to sell and buy used machine tools. The innovative company follows a new way of business in the traditional used machinery trading market.

On www.gindumac.com , the company-owned online platform, metalworking manufacturers can offer their used machine tools to GINDUMAC with just a few clicks. Afterwards, every used machine will be visited and documented on-site by one of GINDUMAC’s Area Managers.

In less than 48 hours GINDUMAC evaluates the current market value of the machine by using an own evaluation software equipped with an intelligent data algorithm which compares current market prices. Thus, GINDUMAC guarantees fair and best possible buying prices for sellers and buyers of used machine tools.

Also, for buyers of used machinery GINDUMAC sets new service standards specially developed for the international used machinery market. Next to financing models like 120-days payment or 12-month financing GINDUMAC offers full-service logistics including transport and installation of used machines using a global partner network of hundreds of logistics companies.

As first mover in the used machinery trading GINDUMAC reveals the first Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution for the performance monitoring of pre-owned machines called “MACHINE SPECTOR”. MACHINE SPECTOR adds new digital abilities to used machines and connects them with the new requirements of Industry 4.0.

Who wants to know more about the used machinery trading of the future will find the right impressions at GINDUMAC in Hall 16, Booth G109.

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