GINDUMAC says thank you to Do better e.V. for the opportunity to give happiness #giveback

170 children in Bangalore, India got personal xmas gifts

Small actions can lead to big effects! 

Instead of sending xmas cards or presents we have decided to do a donation for a charity project this year. With our donation to Do Better e.V.  we could be part of the initiative to make 170 kids in Bangalore, India receive personal xmas gifts.

Happy kids with their xmas gifts – Source:

A big thank you to Do Better e.V., that we had the opportunity to give special happiness this xmas season.
For us it was a start of an ongoing initiative to give back.

Even if we are still a young company it is important for us to set an example and see things differently even at our early stage.

These pictures of kids holding their gifts in their hands tell us more than thousand words, underlining that small actions can lead to big effects.


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