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Crafting the Future of Used Machinery Trading

GINDUMAC stands for Global Industrial Machinery Cluster and
represents the future of used machinery trading.

The Beginning

Janek Andre and Benedikt Ruf, Co-Founders and Directors of GINDUMAC, created GINDUMAC as a movement to solve the problem of intransparent and inefficient transactions in the used machinery market.

Janek Andre and Benedikt Ruf (from left to right) in the GINDUMAC Office in Barcelona, Spain.

In July 2016 the movement started with the foundation of the GINDUMAC GmbH in Kaiserslautern, Germany
and in September  2016 with the foundation of the GINDUMAC S.L.U. in Barcelona, Spain.

In May 2017, Pankaj Patel, Country Manager India, joined the movement with the opening of a new country office in Mumbai, India.

We are

The Future



(Janek Andre & Benedikt Ruf,
Co-Founders & Directors about GINDUMAC)

What is The Future of
Used Machinery Trading?


– Fair, economical and transparent trading –

GINDUMAC simplifies and leverages trading transactions of used machinery by using advanced technologies and data-driven solutions. In every transaction, from initial purchase to final sale, GINDUMAC is the owner of all machines traded.  Having full ownership of assets and leverages GINDUMAC can provide the highest economic transaction values and transparency for sellers and buyers around the world.

– Global network effect –

People from all over the world join GINDUMAC and are shaping The GINDUMAC Movement to be the most powerful connected network of used machinery experts with the goal to make intransparent and inefficient transactions obsolete.

How GINDUMAC operates

– Data- & Technology Driven Operations –

GINDUMAC shapes the digital future of used machinery trading by a unique technology and data-driven asset portfolio.

The GINDUMAC Online Platform

The most modern digital warehouse
on the market where producers can
sell and buy used machines 24/7.

The GINDUMAC MIS - Market Intelligence System

The MIS provides real-time data
on machine market values to
ensure best price transactions
for seller and buyers.

The GINDUMAC FinTechS - FinTech Solutions

Buy used machines
with global finance options
from 60-days-payment to

The GINDUMAC LIS - Logistics Intelligence System

With a global partner network of
hundreds of partner companies
GINDUMAC ensures best-in-class
logistics prices and processes.


The first Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
solution for used machines presents
real-time performance monitoring

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