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    Do you want us to evaluate your whole machine park?
    Or do you have more than one machine to sell?

    Feel free to send us an email with required
    information to machinepark@gindumac.com.


     We combine 3 value dimensions 


    Machine Quality

    Manufacturer, model
    and machine condition.


    Market Situation

    Supply, demand
    and market prices


    Depreciation Value

    Depreciation based on year
    and o
    riginal purchase value.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I get the market value of my machine?

    Just fill in the data form above and click on the send button. We will review your data and come back to you within 48hours with a market value appraisal of your machine.

    How can I get an evaluation for my whole machine park?

    You do not have to fill in the data form for every machine. Just send us an e-mail to machinepark@gindumac.com and we will come back to you.

    How do you calculate the market value of a used machine?

    We have developed an own evaluation system called “Machine Value Estimator“. We consider 3 value dimensions: Machine Quality, Market Situation and Depreciation Value.

    Out of each score we conclude a market value scorecard for each machine and define its market value indication.

    When do I get the free market value appraisal?

    After having received the machine data we will come back to you within 48hours (working days).

    For which machines can I get a market value appraisal?

    We focus on metal working, sheet metal working and plastics processing machines. 

    How much does it cost?

    Our market value service is completely FREE.

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